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Authentic Jamaican jerk infused with tropical mangoes. A wonderful balance of earthy spices to compliment your poultry, pork, seafood, beef and vegetables. Use as a marinade, finishing and dipping sauce.

19 reviews for Mango Jerk Sauce

  1. Julie Bateman

    My family and I LOVE the Mango Jerk Sauce! The authentic Jamaican jerk flavour infused with tropical mangoes is a wonderful balance of spices. We regularly use it as a marinade for chicken or beef.

  2. Julian Lima

    Flavour bombs!! I’ve been using these sauces for a while now. Can’t say enough about how flavourful and fresh they taste. My favourite is the Pepper Sauce on chicken, however knowing how artificial many sauces out there are, you will not regret buying these fresh ingredients based sauces with only ingredients you can pronounce!

  3. Chef Marino

    As a new chef, I’m always looking for flavourful sauces to enhance my dishes. And with a variety of amazing sauces available, Islandgurlfoods do that and more! Hands down some of the most delicious sauces I’ve ever had.

  4. Liz

    I love Chef Raquel and her sauciness – literally. Spice, flavour, and heat – whether I’m referring to her or the sauce is up to your imagination, but I suggest you start with the Pepper Sauce. DELISH! 🔥 🏝 💗

  5. Salima Mohammed

    Some like it hot!! Just like if your back home in Trinidad. The Flavour Pepper Sauce is a nice combination of Scotch bonnet, spices and other flavours that compliment any dish, appetizers or marinade. We absolutely love this sauce!! Try it.

  6. Deborah Rigby

    I loved this mango jerk used it as a marinade for my jerk chicken. I must say the depth of flavor was taken to another level! Themango added another layer but not powerfully overbearing but perfectly complimented the jerk seasoning! Bravo Chef Raquel for teasing my tastebuds!

  7. Deborah Rigby

    The Steamed sauce is one of my all time favorites because it cuts down the time to prep and cook my herbs down! Chef Raquel made it so easy that I’ve used this sauce on snapper fish, over rice, eggs and even other vegetables as I love that flavor that kick starts my food.

  8. Ramiro valencia

    I can’t explain how happy my meals are since I have my sauces!!!
    I love all of them, They make everything so much better and my meals are not boring anymore! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 love love love It

  9. Susan Miholics

    I love Chef Raquel’s Sauces. I used the Mango Jerk Sauce for tonight’s dinner. I marinated Chicken Thighs with the sauce. Then I pan fried them to crisp up the skin and finished them up in the oven. I also made Chef Raquel’s Jasmine Cocunut Rice. The sauce provides a quick way to make Jerk Chicken and it turns out so flavourful and delicious. I would recommend using Island Gurl Mango Jerk Sauce to spice up your dinner 🙂

  10. Larissa

    Chef Raquel’s recipes, and sauces, are irresistible! I made her conch fritters, and adapted it, to an air fryer, perfect results! Thanks Chef Raquel, you always inspire. Looking forward to more, mouth-watering ideas.

  11. Karen

    Absolutely delicious combo of sweet yet savoury 👌🏾 definite must have

  12. Maria De Carlo

    My family and I love all of ISLAND GURL sauces. They were fresh and full of flavour. We give it a 5 STAR rating.

    Thank you Chef Raquel for sharing with us your love for Bahamian cuisine.

  13. Vinincia Strachan

    I loved the Mango Jerk Sauce! I put it on almost everything eg. chicken, fish, pork, shrimp etc. This magic sauce makes everything taste soooooo gooood.Lol!😀 It’s a lazy cook’s secret weapon. I try very hard to keep a bottle or two in the kitchen and my office at all time. I’ve fallen in love with this product.😍 Delicious!

  14. Giovanna De Marco

    My family and I so loved this amazing Mango Jerk Sauce my youngest son said it best ….. most jerk sauces but you on the way out!!! Chef Raquel’s Mango Jerk Sauce delivers heat and finishes sweet the way he likes it!!! I’ve branched out and tried on seafood and it’s become another family favourite especially on salmon!!!

  15. Susie

    Tried 3 of the sauces, amazing taste! Definitely worth the purchase!

  16. Will Swift

    Just picked up a bottle of the Mango Jerk sauce and OMG!!!! SOOOO FLAVORFUL!! SOOO DELICIOUS! With just the right amount of HEAT!! I want to put this on EVERYTHING!!!

  17. Chef Pat Newton

    I just made some jerk wings with the mango jerk sauce. The flavor was next level with just a touch of sweetness.

  18. Graham Henderson

    Simply the best bottled Jerk sauce I’ve had to date! I’ve used it several times and really enjoy to use it in a cast iron with chicken thighs and some cubed fresh mango as well! I think this would be great for BBQing with as well, definitely easy to recommend!

  19. Sharon

    I entered a competition on city line to win sauces from island girl I forgot all about it and to my surprise one day in the mailbox were three sauces.
    I am not the greatest cook but the sauces have brought my chicken dishes to a whole new level they are full of flavour my favourite is the Bahamas steamed sauce
    Thank you Island girl . I wish you continued success

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